Clean Up Asphalt Pumping with Viking O-Pro Seals and 1224A-ASP Series™ and 1324A-ASP Series™ Pumps

Viking Pump is the market leader in pumping asphalt, pitch, residual oils, bunker oils, bitumen, and other materials which must be heated to prevent solidifying. Despite many technical advances over the last century shaft sealing for asphalt pumps has remained largely unchanged, relying on leaky packing. With the introduction of their patent-pending O-Pro seals and the ASP1 and ASP2 Asphalt pumps, Viking offers an innovative solution. Finally, there is an option for asphalt other than leaking packing! Geiger is excited to bring these revolutionary products to our customers in the Mid-Atlantic.

Interested in retrofitting or upgrading your existing asphalt pumps? 

O-Pro: Superior Sealing for Asphalt Pumps

Asphalt pumps were traditionally sealed with packing, which must have some leakage. Cartridge lip seals and mechanical seals have also been used with asphalt, but are still prone to leakage and catastrophic failure and require frequent maintenance.    

What Makes O-Pro Seals Different? 

O-Pro seals use multiple O-rings together with a lubricating grease to extend seal life. An O-ring or gasket provides a static seal, while two dynamic O-rings seal to the shaft. The area between the O-rings is filled with grease, which provides constant lubrication to the dynamic seal.

Viking Pump’s O-Pro Seal Replaces Leaky Packing – Click to Learn More

Benefits of O-Pro Seals:

  • High reliability keeps pump running longer
  • Easier, simplified maintenance
  • Reduced clean-up costs and emissions
  • Lower leakage and less maintenance than packing
  • Retrofittable to existing packed pumps– conversion kits are available

1224A-ASP Series™ and 1324A-ASP Series™ Pumps: Built for Pumping Asphalt

Viking Asphalt Pumps Feature:

  • Viking’s Patent-Pending O-Pro Seals
  • Proven, Heavy Duty Gear Pump Design handles high viscosity
  • Jacketed casing allows steam or heat transfer liquid in the wall of the pump to heat the product before pumping
  • Enlarged bearing housing for easier maintenance
  • ASP1 model pumps for non-abrasive service, with option for integrated relief valve
  • ASP2 Model pumps with steel fitted wear parts for abrasive service such as filled asphalts
Asphalt Pump Features
Features of Viking’s ASP1 Asphalt Pump

What Can Viking’s Asphalt Pumps Handle?

  • Flow rates up to 1500 GPM
  • Viscosities from 100 to 2,000,000 SSU
  • Pressures up to 200 PSI
  • Temperatures up to 450 F (230 C)
  • Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Services

Geiger’s Applications Engineering Team can help you select the right pump for your service. 

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