Dimpleflo High Efficiency Heat Exchanger Technology Now Available Through Geiger

Geiger Pump and Equipment Company is pleased to announce we now offer Dimpleflo high efficiency heat exchangers by Teralba to both our Industrial and Municipal market customers. Teralba’s engineered, dimpled tubes allow efficient heat transfer, requiring lower surface area than straight tubes, and without fouling like baffled heat exchangers.

Geiger Team Member with a Dimpleflo Heat Exhanger

Dimpleflo heat exchangers feature a unique design that employs a dimpled tube design to increase heat transfer efficiency in both tube-in-tube or multi-tube shell-in-tube configuration. The key differentiator of this technology lies in the dimpled surface of the tubes, which enhances turbulence at the boundary layer of the fluid and improve heat transfer in thick fluids like sludge. This higher effective coefficient of heat transfer makes Dimpleflo particularly well-suited for applications involving high-viscosity fluids or low flow rates.

Advantages of Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers

The primary advantages of using Dimpleflo technology heat exchangers over conventional heat exchangers include:

  • Fully drainable tubes
  • Reduced fouling compared to conventional heat exchanger designs
  • Effective heat transfer for high viscosity fluids and low pipe velocities
  • Customizable for optimization across a wide range of applications

Industries and Applications for Dimpleflo High Efficiency Heat Exchanger Technology

Due to the versatility of Dimpleflo’s technology, their heat exchangers are ideal for:

  • Wastewater Treatment, Sludge
  • Energy recovery
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and beverage
  • Municipal anaerobic sludge and digestion
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Waste oil processing

To learn more about Dimpleflo, contact Geiger’s sales engineering team.