Dimpleflo Tube Heat Exchangers

Dimpleflo Double Heat Exchanger

Dimpleflo Double Tube Heat Exchangers

Best for fluids containing stringy fibres, chunks or other particles and low-high viscosity fluids.

Dimpleflo Multitube Heat Exchangers

Dimpleflo Multitube Heat Exchangers

Best for purees, dairy pasteurization & processing, confections, cosmetics, oils, solvents & more.

Dimplestream Multichannel Heat Exchangers

Dimplestream Multichannel Heat Exchangers

Includes triple tube heat exchangers. Best for highly gelatinous and sticky products.

Dimpleflo Modubloc Sludge Heat Exchangers

Dimpleflo Modubloc Sludge Heat Exchangers

Best for heating and cooling of sludge and slurries containing particles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Dimpleflo technology refers to an innovative design used in heat exchangers that creates dimpled surfaces on the heat transfer elements. These dimples induce turbulence in the fluid flow, increasing heat transfer coefficients while minimizing pressure drop and fouling.

    • The dimpled surfaces disturb the boundary layer, promoting better heat transfer between the hot and cold fluids. This allows for higher heat transfer rates in a given surface area compared to traditional smooth tube designs. The enhanced turbulence also helps reduce fouling buildup.

    • Dimpleflo technology is advantageous for applications that require highly effective and compact heat transfer, such as HVAC systems, power plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities. It can improve energy efficiency, reduce footprint, and lower operational costs across various industries. It is particularly useful for plug flow applications such as sludge heat recovery.

Why Geiger?

Our application engineering and systems design team will match your application with the optimal choice of Dimpleflo heat exchangers to get the job done. Dimplelfo and Geiger, together, offer an unparalleled blend of premium quality and local engineering support for all your fluid handling needs.