Rotating Mixers

Wide variety of direct and air driven units

Static Mixers

Inline mixing with an engineered stationary element

High-Shear Mixers

Inline, continuous, homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying, dispersing

Side Entering Agitators

Higher HP at faster rotational speeds

Mixer Impellers

Engineered per application and standard designs

Mixer Seals

Selected per application for robust endurance

Submersible Mixers

Horizontal, submersible mixer with self-cleaning propeller

Mixer Service & Repair

Factory authorized warranty and service center with complete in-house machining, diagnostic facilities, and expert field service capabilities.

Contact us for more information on our service and repair capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our application team will be glad to assist you with mixer selection. They will need to know the products to be mixed, tank volume (if applicable), mounting details, solids content, power available for the motor, if the area is electrically hazardous.

    • Yes, we can provide mixers for Dry, Mannich, and Emulsion polymers, and make down and aging systems.

    • Static mixers are in-line devices designed to use energy from the flowing liquid completely mix products.

Why Geiger?

Our application engineering and systems design team will match your application with the optimal choice of mixer technologies to get the job done. We provide in-house service, machining, and repair capabilities along with field service and 24/7 emergency response when required.