Product Lines Available:

  • Bolted Metal AODD Pumps
  • Clamped Metal AODD Pumps
  • FDA/Hygienic AODD Pumps
  • Bolted Plastic AODD Pumps
  • Solids Handling Flap Valve Pumps
  • 2:1 High Pressure, Full Flow Diaphragm Pumps
  • Submersible Centrifugal Pumps – Pneumatic & 12 VDC Drive
  • Screened Inlet AODD Pumps for Dewatering


Geiger’s Systems Design and Packaging capabilities are here to help you with more than just selling you an AODD Pump. Many customers use our Systems capabilities to design and fabricate custom portable AODD Pump packages, Drum and Tank Unloading packages and other Systems taking advantage of the unique operating characteristics of AODD Pumps.

Versamatic 2” & 3” Clamped Metal Pumps Wet End Install – video


Versamatic 2” & 3” Clamped Metal Pumps Air End Install – video


Service & Repair

Versa-matic offers Repair Parts Kits for their AODD Pumps, providing all parts typically required to rebuild your AODD Pump, with availability of both Wet End Repair Kits and Air End Repair Kits. We also offer repair services and individual parts availability, testing after repair, and technical consultation, all factors that differentiate Geiger from the typical AODD catalog price book warehouse.