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Goulds SRL Pump

ITT Goulds Model SRL Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps

The SRL is the original rubber-lined slurry pump. It is built to stand up to the toughest services, while providing maximum reliability and extreme ease of maintenance. Available with a wide variety of natural and synthetic elastomeric liners, the SRL, with its heavy-duty design, extra thick liners and multiple impeller options, provides you with a pump to give you years of dependable service even under the most severe operating conditions.


ITT Goulds Vertical Industrial Turbine Pumps

ITT Goulds Vertical Industrial Turbine Pumps offer a broad selection of material options allowing us to choose the best pump configuration for your application, even in the most severe services. A wide variety of available bowl assembly options provides for a pump sized and staged to be a reliable and efficient installation in a low maintenance package.


VIT Assembly Pump

INDUSTRIAL FLOW SOLUTIONS – BJM Heavy Duty Submersible Pumps®

IFS – BJM Pumps offers solutions for applications from clear water to heavy solids-laden liquids, abrasive slurries, acidic and caustic fluids. BJM has Submersible Pumps available that are rated for Hazardous Duty as well as fluid temperatures as high as 200⁰ F.

IFS offers an extensive portfolio of tough, industrial duty solutions ranging from small dewatering pumps to large, high-capacity, heavy-duty, MSHA rated pumps.


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