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Viking Pump O-Pro™ Barrier, Guard & Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Designed for use in Viking Heavy Duty Pumps, the three styles of Viking’s O-Pro™ Seals replace traditional packing and mechanical seals, using a series of O-rings to create a robust seal and lubrication chamber, all in one.

The O-Pro™ Barrier Seal

The O-Pro™ Barrier seal, combines a hardened bracket bushing with seal gland and double O-ring seals, to prevent process fluids from entering the bracket and eventually leaking from the pump.

The O-Pro™ Barrier seal

The O-Pro™ Guard seal

The O-Pro™ Guard Seal

The O-Pro™ Guard seal is a compact design providing seal gland, sleeve and double O-Ring seals for an easy retrofit answer for a leaking pump. Stainless steel construction provides wide ranging compatibility across many applications.

The O-Pro™ Cartridge Seal

The O-Pro™ Cartridge seal replaces packing or mechanical seal by using O-Rings on the bracket seal chamber bore ID and along the shaft, allowing for an easy retrofit for a leaking pump. Similar to the O-Pro Guard seal, stainless steel construction provides wide ranging compatibility across many applications.


The O-Pro™ Cartridge seal

Viking Pump Offerings for High Fructose Corn Syrup Applications

Viking Internal Gear, Positive Displacement Pumps are the industry standard for High Fructose Corn Syrup applications.  Check out the video below to gain valuable insight into Viking’s Pumps, optimized for handling this widely used sweetener.


Case Study: Chocolate Plant Adopts O-Pro Barrier Technology to Eliminate Leakage & Minimize Downtime

A major producer of chocolate confections in the eastern United States had been operating many Viking pumps on a variety of confectionary liquids for decades.

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Typical Chocolate Plant Process Map

Chocolate plant layout

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