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Singer’s product line is fully supported in our state-of-the-art Repair and Service Centers. Our complete Machine Shop and team of Repair Technicians stand ready to lend support with training, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance of your Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining and Pressure Relief Valves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Cavitation can be avoided with proper valve sizing. Anti-Cavitation trim can also be prevented with the use of anti-cavitation trim and rolling diaphragms to allow valves to oprate effectively at high and low flows.

    • Altitude valves accurately maintain a preset water level in a tank or reservoir. They have excellent repeatability and accuracy, positive shutoff, and are located at ground level for easy adjustment and servicing.

Why Geiger?

We offer best-in-class application engineering, drawing on our long history of solving fluid application challenges in the industrial and commercial markets. Our Valve and Pump expertise is unmatched and ready for you to draw upon with a single call. We also provide extensive in-house system assembly capabilities, expert in-house machining and repair, field service and 24/7 emergency response when required.

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