Geiger Offers

Andritz Headworks


  • Intake Screens, Screening, Grit Removal, Odor Control
  • Representing: Andritz, Brentwood, Headworks, Inc., HEE Duall, JMS, Johnson Screens, & WesTech
Clarification / Flocculation / Aeration / Filtration

Clarification / Flocculation / Aeration / Filtration

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Treatment Processes and Filtration
  • Representing: Aeration Industries, Brentwood, Gummi Jaeger-Aeration, Harmsco, JMS, MD-Kinney Blowers, NEFCO, Spencer Blowers & WesTech


  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion, Digester Covers, Biogas Storage
  • Representing: Aeration Industries, Groth, Ultraflote, & WesTech
Chemical Treatment / Polymer

Chemical Treatment / Polymer

  • Phosphorous Removal, Chemical Metering / Dosing
  • Representing: Moyno, Pulsafeeder, SK Systems, & Verder
Pumps Pump Stations


  • Pump Stations, Service Pumps, Transfer Pumps, WAS / RAS Pumps
  • Representing: ABEL, Goulds Pumps, KSB, Moyno, Pusafeeder, Swaby Lobeline, Xylem, Xylem Turbines, Verder, Versamatic, Viking, & Warren Rupp Sandpiper
Mixing Technologies, Treatment, Chemical Feed

Mixing Technology

  • Treatment, Chemical Feed, Flocculation, Rapid Mixers, Static Mixers
  • Representing: Aeration Industries, Chemineer, Chemineer Kenics Static Mixers, & KSB
Dewatering Biosolids

Dewatering / Biosolids

  • Presses – Separation Technology Including Belt, Centrifuge, Screw Presses, Conveyers & Dryers
  • Representing: Andritz, FKC, & JMS
Disinfection Chemical Treatment


  • Chemical Treatment, UV
  • Representing: Electrolytic Technologies, SK Systems, & Xylem WEDECO
I-Alert AI Interface

Equipment Monitoring and Control

  • ITT’s i-Alert suite of products for onboard condition monitoring
Pump smart control solutions

PumpSmart Control Solutions

  • ITT’s PumpSmart220 Low and Medium Voltage Drives – Sensorless Intelligent Direct Torque controlled Variable Speed Drive, Smart PID Control, Flow Economy & Pump Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes. Please contact our team to discuss your needs.

    • Yes, please contact us to discuss your project.

    • Yes, we offer a wide range of configurable and customizable equipment including seal water and utility water pressure boosting systems, chemical metering systems, polymer blending and aging sytems, and filtration systems.

    • Yes, we carry many NSF-61 pumps including Vertical Turbine Pumps, Goulds 3196, 3180, 3410, Pulsafeeder Eclipse metering pumps, and more. Please contact our team for assistance with your pump selection.

    • Yes. We offer many solutions for pump control, including control panels coordianted with pumps, and variable speed drives designed with integrated pump controls able to control a process variable, like discharge pressure, and protect pumps without the need for an additonal PLC.

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