Mechanical Seals

Elastomeric Bellows

John Crane Type 5611Q

Elastomeric Bellows

Flowserve ISC2 Series

Metal Bellows Seal Flowserve

Metal Bellows

Flowserve BX Series

Metal Bellows Seal John Crane

Metal Bellows

John Crane Type 1670

Split Seal John Crane

Split Seal

John Crane Type 3710

Split Seal Flowserve

Split Seal

Flowserve PSS 4

Slurry Seal Flowserve

Slurry Seal

Flowserve Allpac Series

Slurry Seal John Crane

Slurry Seal

John Crane Type 5870

Non Contact Seal John Crane

Non-Contacting Seal

John Crane Type 2800E

Non Contact Seal Flowserve

Non-Contacting Seal

Flowserve GF-200

Gas Seal Flowserve

Gas Seal

Flowserve Gaspac L

Gas Seal John Crane

Gas Seal

John Crane Aura™ Series

Mixer Seal John Crane

Mixer Seal

John Crane Type 7700

Mixer Seal Flowserve

Mixer Seal

Flowserve MWC-200

Seal Support Systems

Pressurized Barrier

Pressurized Barrier Systems

Gas Conditioning

Gas Conditioning

Gas Booster

Gas Boosters

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Generation

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Mechanical Seal Repair Services

With two Major Regional Mechanical Seal Repair facilities within minutes of our Aston and Baltimore plants, we’re ready 24/7 to get you running and keep you running in the event of a Seal failure.

Additional services include troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis, on-site training, field service, installation, laser alignment, and onboard condition monitoring. Our experienced Sales Engineers and Field Service team are here to support you and your plant with assistance on both individual applications as well as long-term asset management programs geared towards reducing MTBF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • In many cases, Cartridge Seals may contain the exact same major items that are sold separately as Component Seals. These pieces include the Rotary Seal and Stationary Face as well as other minor parts like O-rings or Gaskets all required at assembly. The advantage of using a Cartridge Seal is that the time required for installation, and even more importantly, the possibility of error during installation is dramatically reduced. When installing a Cartridge Seal, the necessity of having to measure internal components positioning on the shaft to achieve proper face loading is eliminated. Cartridge Seals come pre-assembled from the factory with all internal components assembled with proper face loading and all pieces in place, exactly where they should be. Cartridge Seals eliminate the need to handle delicate, polished parts such as Seal Faces that can be compromised by the presence of dirt, smudges and oils that can result from handling during assembly. So, for the easiest and most reliable Seal installation, Cartridge Seals go a long way towards helping you achieve trouble free startup and extended service life from your equipment.

    • Split seals offer a major advantage over conventional seals with large shafted equipment where the disassembly required for a typical Seal installation is cost prohibitive. Along with demonstrated energy savings, Split Seals are also virtually leak free when compared to traditional methods of sealing large shafted equipment like Vertical Turbine Pumps with Mechanical Packing. The result is increased efficiency along with dramatic improvements in housekeeping and safety protocols benefitting from the elimination of routine leakage inherent with Packing.

    • Diamond face mechanical seals offer a low coefficient of friction and will generate less heat allowing the seal to run cooler, even in times of dry run. Diamond seal face coating is a proven solution for abrasive fluids, fluids with low lubricity, and intermittent dry running.

      Learn how a major Oil and Gas Terminal in the Mid-Atlantic increased their seal’s lifespan by 300% in this case study.

Why Geiger?

We are uniquely qualified to support you from your first phone call. For new seals, seal upgrades, troubleshooting, root cause failure analysis, on-site training, and field service or installation, we’ve got you covered.

We offer best-in-class application engineering and order processing as well as off the shelf availability unmatched in the Mid-Atlantic marketplace. You can rely on us to match your application with the right Mechanical Seal to get the job done.

We also provide extensive in-house unit assembly capabilities, in-house machining and repair, field service and 24/7 emergency response when required.

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