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Ampco zp3 aseptic series piston pump

Ampco ZP3 Aseptic Series Circumferential Piston Pump

  • Fully CIP Capable – No Need to Tear Down Pumps Daily
  • Aseptic Fittings
  • Easy to Install One Piece Cover Gasket
  • Standard ZP3 Seals with Hardened Seal Faces to Generate Less Heat
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Retainers
  • Stainless Steel Gearcase
  • Stainless Steel Splash Plate Protection
  • 17-4ph Shaft with 3X the Strength of 316SS
  • Alloy Non-Galling 88 Rotors
  • Helical Gears for Extra Strength and Quieter Operation
  • Anti-Microbial Lube with Sanitary Gasketed Stainless Steel Cleanout Plugs
  • Versatile 4 Way Mounting Configuration
  • Multiple Access, Threaded Grease Zerks

Moyno Progressing Cavity, Sanitary Pumps

  • Low-Shear, Non-Pulsating Sanitary Pumps Transfer with Minimal Turbulence or Stress
  • Meet 3A and BISSC Sanitary Requirements with No Modifications
  • Progressing Cavity Design Results in Minimized Product Degradation
  • Non-Turbulent Flow Excels at Handling Shear-Sensitive Products
  • Close-Coupled and Open Throat Models Available
  • Long Lasting Performance Even for Abrasive Slurries and Corrosive Fluids
  • Standard Mechanical Seals Eliminate Product Leakage

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Moyno Progressing Cavity Sanitary Pumps

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Wright Flow Technologies Hygienic Positive Displacement Pumps

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Series Sanitary Pump

Wright Flow Technologies Revolution Series Hygienic Positive Displacement Pumps bring clean and efficient pumping technology to a new level.

  • Circumferential Piston or Rotary Lobe Design
  • Standard, Efficient Clean in Place Ability
  • Self-Draining Pump Head
  • Innovative Seal Design with No Dead Zones and a Dynamic Leak Path
  • No Dead Zones on Front Cover
  • Fast, Front Loading Seal Changes While Pump Remains in Line
  • Front Access Shimming for Setting Rotor Clearance
  • Gentle Handling of Solids and Shear Sensitive Liquids
  • Long Life Durability from Heavy Duty Shafts, Bearings, and Helical Gears

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