How Does a Vacuum Priming System Work?

An automated vacuum priming system plays a critical role in protecting non-self priming pumps. Geiger offers both engineered to order and standard vacuum priming systems for centrifugal pumps , and can assist with the selection, design, and coordination of vacuum priming systems with user’s pumping systems. Our vacuum priming systems are fully assembled, factory tested, and are supported by our team of vacuum and pump experts.

How Does a Vacuum Priming System for Centrifugal Pumps Work?

A vacuum priming system for a centrifugal pump uses one or more liquid ring vacuum pumps to create a vacuum that can be used to prime and maintain prime on large water pumps that are not self-priming. The key components are:

ASR Vacuum Priming System
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump(s) with accessories
  • Receiver tank
  • Separator tank (for full recovery systems)
  • Control panel with vacuum transmitter
  • Vacuum transmitters or switches

The liquid ring vacuum pumps create a vacuum in the receiver tank. When the vacuum level drops below a set point, the control system starts the vacuum pump(s) to increase the vacuum level back up to the desired set point.

The receiver tank is connected to the highest point in the pump casing, sometimes through a vacuum priming valve. Because the vacuum priming system’s automated controls respond to changing vacuum in the receiver and the receiver is connected to the pump, the system automatically assures the pump remains primed and evacuates any air that accumulates in the casing.

In full recovery systems, a separator tank stores sealing water for the liquid ring vacuum pumps. Level transmitters monitor the water level and automatic solenoid valves add makeup water as needed to replenish the sealing water supply.

The control panel automates the entire operation by monitoring vacuum levels via the transmitter and controlling the vacuum pumps, solenoid valve, and alarms based on set points. It also provides redundancy by alternating between multiple vacuum pumps.

How do I know what to specify?

Geiger’s team of Vacuum and Pump Experts can assist you in determining what to specify. We can assist with selection of a standard vacuum priming package, or design a vacuum priming system to meet the requirements of your plant. Contact our team to get started.