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Polychem Flights

Polychem NCS-720-S Collector Chain

Designed for extended service in the toughest conditions, Brentwood’s Polychem NCS-720-S Collector Chain is lightweight, durable, UV resistant glass reinforced polyester made to tolerate high sludge loading.

Polychem Flights

Brentwood offers an unparalleled variety of flight scrapers, from industry standard, c- channels to proprietary Ultra, Ultra Plus, Box, and E-Flight profiles for heavy loadings and deep sludge blankets. From reliable options for wide tanks to processes requiring taller scraper flights, Geiger will work with you to assure the right chain and flight system for your plant.

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Key Applications

Water Treatment: Influent Screens, Filtration, Clarification, Flocculators, Chemical Disinfection Systems, Ultra-Violet Disinfection Systems, Chloramination and Enhanced D/DBP Control, Tube and Plate Settlers, Dewatering Equipment, Chemical Feed and Transfer, Packaged Treatment Plants, Process Analytical Instrumentation, Tank Covers, Filter Underdrains.

Wastewater Treatment: Screening Equipment, Grit Removal, Washing and Transport, Biological Treatment, Clarification and Thickening, Aeration, Odor Control, Filtration, Dewatering, Class A Biosolids Dryers, CSO Treatment, UV Disinfection, Process Analytical Instrumentation, Chemical Feed, Packaged Treatment Plants, Digestion and Digestor Covers.

Chemical Feed Equipment: Liquid Feed Systems, Dry Feed Systems, On-Site Chlorine Generation, On-Site Commercial Strength Sodium Hypochlorite Generators, Chemical Metering Pumps, Chemical Storage Silos/Feeders, Polymer Blending Systems.

Pumping Equipment: Centrifugal , Submersible, Progressing Cavity, Diaphragm, Gear, Lobe, Vertical Inline Turbine (VIT), Peristaltic , Metering.

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