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ITT Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps

ITT Goulds 3298 Chemical Process Pumps

Ideal for applications where leak free operation is crucial, Goulds 3298 chemical process pumps, with ANSI dimensional interchangeability, feature a sealless, magnetic coupling design offering an effective alternative to pumps with traditional sealing devices.

Operating Characteristics

  • Capacities to 1,500 GPM (340 m³/h)
  • Heads to 850 feet (259m)
  • Temperatures to 250° F (121° C)
  • Pressures to 375 PSIG (2586 kPa)

Performance Features for Chemical Service with Extended Pump Life

  • Non-Slip Synchronous Drive
  • Efficiency Equivalent to Sealed ANSI Pumps
  • ETFE Construction with Close Coupled or Frame Mounted Design
  • Sealless Containment for Zero Emissions
  • Stationary Silicon Carbide Shaft
  • Optional Silicon Carbide Dryguard™ Bearing


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John Crane Mission-Critical Seals and Diamond Face Technology

John Crane offers a broad range of seal designs for applications from common commercial services to mission-critical applications found in the CPI and Oil and Gas industries. Whether your need is eliminating fugitive emissions, handling slurries or developing cost effective sealing programs for large shafted rotating equipment, John Crane has a seal for your application. We’re here to serve you with a wide selection of mechanical seals for both standard duty and special applications including Double Seals, Split Seals, API 682 compliant Seals, Non-Contacting Cartridge Seals, and Severe Duty Slurry Seals.


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I-Alert Android APPI-Alert Desktop App

i-ALERT  Bluetooth Equipment Health Monitor and AI Platform

i-Alert offers Bluetooth sensor technology in a safe, dependable, industrial certified monitoring system. Monitoring and sophisticated diagnostics are easily accessible with this user-friendly system, allowing for the safe and remote monitoring of equipment.

i-Alert provides continuous machine monitoring through:

  • Early Detection of Machine Failures
  • Vibration, Temperature, Run-Time Monitoring
  • Data Logging with Trend Analysis
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis Tools
  • Instant Access to Machine Records
  • Wireless Syncing to Mobile Devices
  • Industrial Rated for Hazardous Environments


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