Centrifugal Pumps



Magnetically driven pumps for leak-free operation

End Suction Centrifugal

Thin liquids at moderate to high flows

Multi-Stage Centrifugal

Thin liquids at high pressures

Self-Priming Centrifugal

Suction lifts, fluid with entrained gasses


Sumps, dewatering, flood control

Split Case

Thin liquids with high flows, single and multi-stage configurations available

Vertical Inline

Space saving, efficient design, Single and double suction designs

Vertical Turbine

High flows or high pressure, or both

Positive Displacement Pumps

Internal Gear

Lubricating fluids, broadly applied, time tested design with innovative modern application solutions

External Gear

Thin to medium viscosity lubricating liquids, low to high pressures, Economical, compact designs

Progressive Cavity

Difficult to handle liquids, solids, abrasives, corrosives, high viscosities


Robust, high accuracy, high resolution chemical metering at low to high pressures

Air Operated Double Diaphragm

Air driven, tolerates wide variety of fluids, suction lifts, suspended solids

Mag Drive Gear

Non metallic and mag drive gear pumps for chemical service


Meet 3A and BISSC sanitary requirements


Abrasives, corrosives, high viscosity, shear sensitive products, suction lifts

Positive Displacement Drum

Easy, dependable drum unloading solutions


Reciprocating design for high pressure, smooth, continuous flow and high efficiency operation


Reciprocating design for very high pressure applications, smooth, continuous flow and high efficiency operation


High accuracy pumps for low flow, low pressure dosing, available with integrated controls

Rotary Lobe

Gentile action, pulsation free, low shear, most common in sanitary markets

Circumferential Piston

Thin or thick liquids, smooth flow, low viscosity, higher pressures, shear sensitive products

Twin Screw

Hygienic pump, non-contacting elements, self-priming, pulsation free, low noise pumping, gentle pumping action


Thin liquids, high volumetric efficiency with a minimum amount of internal slip

Pump Drives & Monitoring

Pumps and drives monitoring devices

Equipment Health Monitor: Geiger uses the latest Bluetooth and sensor technology in a rugged, safe, industrial certified package. Remotely and continuously monitor and run diagnostics on machinery, gaining the benefits of early detection of machine failures with 24-7 monitoring of vibration, temperature and run-time.

Pump Variable Frequency Drives & Control Solutions: Geiger offers control solutions designed for optimum pump control, achieving maximum pumping efficiency, and extending pump service life under varying system conditions.

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Tap into our broad experience, technical capabilities, and extensive in-house shop capabilities to keep your equipment running at its best. We will provide you the prompt courteous attention and expert service you expect! We are a certified service center for the IDEX family of companies and a factory authorized warranty and service organization for Goulds Pumps and many other leading pump brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Centrifugal pumps are used for water, other lower viscosity liquids,and some slurries. Positive displacement pumps are used for thicker fluids including oils, syrups, pastes, creams, sludges, asphaults, and more, and for applications like metering or dosing. Geiger carries an extensive variety of both centrifugal and positive displacment pumps, and can recommend a type of pump based on your application details.

    • Our application team will need to know the type of fluid to be pumped, the required flow rate or range of flows, inlet pressure, required discharge pressure, operating temperature of the fluid, power available for the motor, and if the pump will be in an electrially hazardous (explosive) area.

    • We carry a wide range of pumps from very precise, high accuracy low flow metering pumps to pumps capable of moving millions of gallons per day. Please contact our pump application team for assistance choosing the right pump for your needs.

    • Yes. We offer many solutions for pump control, including standard starter panels, batching and level control systems, and variable speed drives designed specifically for pump users and to protect pumps.

Why Geiger?

We bring to the mid-Atlantic marketplace best-in-class application engineering and order processing as well as off the shelf inventory availability that is unmatched in this region. Our wide range of pump lines and knowledgeable engineering team will match your application with the best available pump for the requirements of your application.

We provide in-house unit assembly capabilities in our newly expanded production shops, offering in-house repair with our two complete machine shops and providing 24/7 emergency service when required.

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