Shaft Seal Training Series

Learn everything you need to know about Shaft Sealing Solutions with our free training series. This series is designed to assist anyone maintaining or specifying rotating equipment.

This Training Covers:

  • Fundamentals of Packing and Mechanical Seals
  • Strategies for Improving Seal Reliability
  • Time and money Saving Options for Seal Selection and Repair
  • Expert Tips for Proper seal Installation
  • Innovations to reduce leakage and failure on the toughest applications 
  • And more!

Video 1: Understanding Packing

In this video you will learn:

  • What is packing?
  • How to apply packing correctly
  • Where is packing installed?
  • Does packing always leak?
  • What if the packing is too tight?
  • What does the shaft sleeve do?
  • How is packing installed?
  • What is the most common type of packing?
  • How should packing be installed?
  • What is the purpose of the lantern ring?
  • How to break in packing
  • What is the packing gland?
  • When is packing used today?
  • Is packing the only option for high viscosity liquids?
  • Can packed pumps be converted to other options?

Video 2: Mechanical Seals Basics

In this video you will learn:

  • How Do Mechanical Seals Work?
  • Do Mechanical Seals Leak?
  • Pusher vs Non-Pusher Seals
  • What Info is Needed to Select a  Seal?
  • What Material Options are Available?
  • What information is needed to retrofit an existing pump?
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Component vs Cartridge Seals
  • Overview of Installation of a Component and a Cartridge Seal
  • Savings with Cartridge Seal Repair and Ease of Installation

Video 3: Improving Seal Reliability

In this video you will learn:

  • Critical inspections during seal installation
  • Avoiding the most common causes of seal failure
  • The importance of knowing your operating point
  • Piping plan functions and maintenance 
  • How to find the root cause of seal failures

Video 4: Innovative Solutions for Shaft Sealing

In this video you will learn about:

  • Diamond Face Seals
  • Split Seals
  • Alternatives to Packing
  • O-Pro Seals
  • Double Seals
  • Gas Seals

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